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Windows 10 Pro Key is too Cheap! Which site to shop from?

On the site called Key1024, online product codes such as Windows 10 Pro and home can be purchased in cheap.

Some people seem to buy genuine Windows 10 Keys with very low budgets, but seems not to be a problem in particular? I received a report from the comments that the code was issued and certified. Thank you.

How to buy Windows 10 home/pro key cheaply?

  1. How much do you buy?
  2. What is the difference between the OEM version and the retail version?
  3. Isn’t this a non-genuine product?
  4. Can you actually authenticate?

How to buy Windows 10 pro product key cheaply?

↓ Sales site is below site Apparently, the site sells games deal, steam CD key, but it seems to sell the product key. Is it a so-called locksmith?

Windows 10 Pro Product Key 32/64 Bit (Retail Version)

How much do you pay?

Purchased at Key1024, in the OEM version of Windows 10 pro is $29.99, the retail version of Windows 10 Pro is $44.99 (as of Mar 20, 2018).

When you buy on Amazon, you will come with a USB memory that contains the WINDOWS 10 body when you select the package version. If you purchased a code version, you must download the media creation tool from Microsoft and create the installation media (more than 8GB of USB memory).

After you have a valid retail/OEM key, you need to download Windows 10 ISO file from, so that you can go on…

What is the difference between the OEM version and the retail version?

There is no difference in functionality.

When you activate the OEM version, it is basically only available on that PC.

Even if you activate the retail version, you can activate it on another PC by removing the operating system from the original PC. In the case of the OEM version, the re-authentication may not pass when the motherboard is replaced.

(because it is recognized as another PC by the motherboard change) In Windows 10, when you apply a significant hardware change to a Microsoft account, it seems to be re-authenticated even if you replace the motherboard, but it is not known whether it applies to the OEM version.

Isn’t this a non-genuine product?

It seems lots people on trustpilot to have been reported that the keys currently on working well. There are signs that Microsoft has acquiesced in these actions.

Can you actually authenticate?

On Twitter, we could see a lot of tweets that we were able to authenticate. I also buy and authenticate myself Oh!

I want to, but the PC I own was all windows 10 in…

I don’t know if there is a demand, but windows8.1 and windows7 are also pretty cheap.

It was a result of the fact that ProPlus could not be used for personal or corporate authentication.

Also, because ProPlus is a volume license, it does not seem to be able to re-authenticate by changing the PC configuration. Office is apparently not very popular.


* From the comment, I received a report of the issue of the code and the certification.

Thank you for your valuable report. This site details the actual purchase procedure. The price seems to be fluctuating. It’s much cheaper than buying it on Amazon.

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