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Windows 10 pro End with the suggestion of apps from the Start Menu

Windows 10 has brought many new things for users. Some of them were, however, redesigned or refreshed, as already windows 10 pro existed in other versions of this operating system.

An important point that increasingly defines the Windows is that this is increasingly focused on the app store, opening its range of offer to their users. windows 10 product key 64 bit purchase, This was the reason for Microsoft to put in the Home Menu proposals of new apps, but that has annoyed users. Here’s how you can remove these suggestions quickly.

Is in the shop Windows 10 apps that Microsoft wants Windows 10 pro Product Key to focus on the access to the applications of this operating system. His idea is to maximize not only the use but also the financial return to programmers who invest.

To show the store and offers that offers, the company put in the Start Menu a new item that gives the meeting new proposals and a quick access to the same. But as not everyone wants cheap Windows 10 Pro Product Key to have this gift, we explain how the can remove.

How to remove the suggestions of Apps from the Start Menu

This “new” may not be available windows 10 pro keys cheap online to all users, but Microsoft hopes that everyone will have in the immediate future.

But who doesn’t want this in the Start Menu you can easily remove it, Microsoft has also thought about it. Start with access to the Start Menu and then to definitions. The next option seeking is customization.

Within the area of Customization should choose the Home tab. There you will find several options, all related to the Start Menu.

The seeking to remove the suggestion of applications is the second, with the name Present occasionally hints at Home. It should be active, so only need to move to the option turned off.

To perform this modification suggestions disappear immediately, not returning to be shown. If the call again, back to have the suggestions.

An even faster method

There is a faster method to perform this change in the Start Menu. The end result will be the same, but the users are left Windows 10 Pro with a smaller perception of what was changed.

If you click with the right mouse button on top of the Start Menu suggestions will see two options. The first “do not show this suggestion”, eliminates buy Windows 10 Pro Product Key this application from the list of suggested applications. The second “disable any suggestions”, remove complete suggestions. Is this second option you’re looking for.

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If you are yet to find out the store Windows 10 applications and want to learn more about your offer, we recommend that you let the option active Suggestions.

If on the other hand they don’t want to have more space and Start Menu need no suggestions that Microsoft is giving your shop, so use this tip to remove the suggestions.

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