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How to update your PC, laptop or tablet to Windows 10 right now

You upgrade to Windows reserved 10 on your PC, laptop or Tablet using invitations for an upgrade on Windows 10 but your device has still not received it? Or maybe you still have not even received invitations to upgrade?

Don’t worry, both of these situations are reparable and today I want to tell you how you can upgrade windows 10 your operating system to Windows 10 right now.

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So, if you have reserved a Windows Update 10, but still have not received it, you can accelerate this process by using the following simple manipulation with Windows 10 Pro 1 license :

How to speed up getting upgrade to Windows 10

  • 1. Go to control panel-> “Windows Update” and make sure that you have installed cheap windows 10 product key to automatically receive updates (Click “customize settings”)
  • 2. Start Windows Explorer, and navigate to the Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download folder, and then delete all of its contents. (Don’t worry, while you do not damage your system)
  • 3. click with the right mouse button (long tap on the Tablet) by clicking the Start button and then run the command prompt (Administrator) “
  • 4. in the window that opens, type the following text:


    Press Enter

  • 5. Wait a couple of minutes: the process of downloading the update through Windows Update should start.
  • 6. After successful downloading automatically starts the procedure for updating your device to Windows 10 and you will only have to follow her instructions.

How to upgrade your computer to Windows 10 manually

And what do those who still have not even received an invitation to obonvlenie?

They can upgrade their devices using proprietary update utility, which you can download from the official Microsoft site at this address.

As you can see in the screenshot above, you can either upgrade to Windows 10 immediately, or use the old “antiquated” method: using the installation drive (or drives).

Keep in mind that in this case, you will need the license key of Windows (Product Key) (xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx) or windows 10 pro keys cheap. If you have lost it, then find out the key on your system, you can use various utilities, many of which you will find on the Internet (Advanced Tokens Manager, pkeyui, etc.)

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