Windows 10 pro End with the suggestion of apps from the Start Menu

Windows 10 has brought many new things for users. Some of them were, however, redesigned or refreshed, as already windows 10 pro existed in other versions of this operating system.

An important point that increasingly defines the Windows is that this is increasingly focused on the app store, opening its range of offer to their users. windows 10 product key 64 bit purchase, This was the reason for Microsoft to put in the Home Menu proposals of new apps, but that has annoyed users. Here’s how you can remove these suggestions quickly.

Is in the shop Windows 10 apps that Microsoft wants Windows 10 pro Product Key to focus on the access to the applications of this operating system. His idea is to maximize not only the use but also the financial return to programmers who invest.

To show the store and offers that offers, the company put in the Start Menu a new item that gives the meeting new proposals and a quick access to the same. windows 7 product key purchase, But as not everyone wants cheap Windows 10 Pro Product Key to have this gift, we explain how the can remove.

How to remove the suggestions of Apps from the Start Menu

This “new” may not be available windows 10 pro keys cheap online to all users, but Microsoft hopes that everyone will have in the immediate future.

But who doesn’t want this in the Start Menu you can easily remove it, Microsoft has also thought about it. Start with access to the Start Menu and then to definitions. The next option seeking is customization.

Within the area of Customization should choose the Home tab. There you will find several options, all related to the Start Menu.

The seeking to remove the suggestion of applications is the second, with the name Present occasionally hints at Home. It should be active, so only need to move to the option turned off.

To perform this modification suggestions disappear immediately, not returning to be shown. If the call again, back to have the suggestions.

An even faster method

There is a faster method to perform this change in the Start Menu. The end result will be the same, but the users are left Windows 10 Pro with a smaller perception of what was changed.

If you click with the right mouse button on top of the Start Menu suggestions will see two options. The first “do not show this suggestion”, eliminates buy Windows 10 Pro Product Key this application from the list of suggested applications. The second “disable any suggestions”, remove complete suggestions. Is this second option you’re looking for.

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If you are yet to find out the store Windows 10 applications and want to learn more about your offer, we recommend that you let the option active Suggestions.

If on the other hand they don’t want to have more space and Start Menu need no suggestions that Microsoft is giving your shop, so use this tip to remove the suggestions.

Windows 10 should you upgrade?

The upgrade to Windows 10 is free, if your computer has Windows 7 or 8. But is it really a good idea to upgrade to Microsoft’s new operating system now? We have looked at the pros and cons of Windows 10.

Upgrade to Windows 10 – when the error has been corrected

As a Windows user, you’ve got 1 year for free to upgrade, if you are using the latest version 7 or 8. The offer of free windows 10 product keys upgrade for Windows 10 ends on 29. July 2016.

Microsoft Windows 10 Home Product Key + Download Link

Microsoft Windows 10 Home Product Key + Download Link

There have been good reasons to wait, to miscellaneous small errors in the system have been corrected, according to new users have reported it to Microsoft. Windows 10 became available in July 2015, so Microsoft has had plenty of time to correct most errors and make adjustments.

Antivirus program in your current version of Windows may have problems to work optimally on Windows 10 in the beginning. So if you paid for 1 year license, so use your current operating system until your antivirus-license has expired.

Remember to backup before you upgrade to Windows 10. Save photos, documents and other important files on an external hard disk or a USB key, so you don’t risk losing anything.

Here are the new changes on Windows 10

Start button is back. The absence of button at the bottom left of the screen, was one of the things that made Windows 8 complex to use for many.

Tablet mode makes your computer easier to control, for example, if you have disconnected the keyboard from the screen.
A new browser replaces the maligned Explorer. The new browser will be named Edge and, inter alia: a read-mode, which removes the advertisements and other disruptive elements when you want to read the lyrics on the Web.

See if your computer meets the requirements for Windows 10

Software that works on Windows 7 and 8, according to Microsoft would also work on Windows 10. But remember, however, to check that e.g. your antivirus program still protects you optimally.

Hardware, such as an old, external web-camera, can have problems with the new operating system. It may be necessary to install what are known as ‘ drivers ‘, that is, software that ensures that your old hardware is working properly in the new operating system.

Therefore, you can upgrade windows 10 for free

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Criticism of Windows 8 has of course influenced the new version, which Microsoft says, contains the best of Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Microsoft has even mentioned Windows 10 as the final operating system. Instead of new versions, Microsoft will rely on continuous updates, so all Windows users always have the same operating system.

This also applies to other Windows products. buy windows 7 product key only, In other words, not only computers, but also phones and tablets.

Some computers automatically download Windows 10

5 reasons not to upgrade to Windows 10

Windows 7 and Windows 8 users have experienced that their computer has automatically downloaded Windows 10. This may be because the users have thanked Yes for automatic updates.

Microsoft has previously announced that users who have chosen to receive automatic updates through Windows Update, will get the files to their computer, so they are ready for Windows 10, if they decide to upgrade.

Have your computer first downloaded Windows 10, it is not right to delete again.

Although you may feel that Microsoft has abused your trust by downloading Windows 10 without you knowing it, you may need to get used to the idea of the new operating system.

Plan with Windows 10 is that Microsoft will continue to implement all updates automatically.

How to update your PC, laptop or tablet to Windows 10 right now

You upgrade to Windows reserved 10 on your PC, laptop or Tablet using invitations for an upgrade on Windows 10 but your device has still not received it? Or maybe you still have not even received invitations to upgrade?

Don’t worry, both of these situations are reparable and today I want to tell you how you can upgrade windows 10 your operating system to Windows 10 right now.

So, if you have reserved a Windows Update 10, but still have not received it, you can accelerate Windows 10 Pro 1 license this process by using the following simple manipulation:

How to speed up getting upgrade to Windows 10

1. Go to control panel-> “Windows Update” and make sure that you have installed cheap windows 10 product key to automatically receive updates (Click “customize settings”)

2. Start Windows Explorer, and navigate to the Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download folder, and then delete all of its contents. (Don’t worry, while you do not damage your system)

3. click with the right mouse button (long tap on the Tablet) by clicking the Start button and then run the command prompt (Administrator) ”
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4. in the window that opens, type the following text:


Press Enter

5. Wait a couple of minutes: the process of downloading the update through Windows Update should start.

6. After successful downloading automatically starts the procedure for updating your device to Windows 10 and you will only have to follow her instructions.

How to upgrade your computer to Windows 10 manually

And what do those who still have not even received an invitation to obonvlenie?

They can upgrade their devices using proprietary update utility, which you can download from the official Microsoft site at this address.
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As you can see in the screenshot above, you can either upgrade to Windows 10 immediately, or use the old “antiquated” method: using the installation drive (or drives).

Keep in mind that in this case, you will need the license key of Windows (Product Key) (xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx). If you have lost it, then find out the key on your system, you can use various utilities, many of which you will find on the Internet (Advanced Tokens Manager, pkeyui, etc.)

Real clean install of Windows 10 without a previous upgrade?

For days, there is a trick which you can use to install a Windows 10 without previous upgrade installation and windows 10 product key cheap without the variant called a clean installation “light” by us directly in the network. In some cases, this approach is even advisable or necessary. We introduce here the trick which requires little effort.

Addendum 12.11.2015: With the release of version 1511 Windows 10, this system can be too ‘clean’ installed and activated the license key of Windows 7 or Windows 8.x. More information see Windows 10 version windows 10 product key 1511 build 10586 – the expected autumn upgrade for Windows 10.

Starting position
As we already have made it clear clean installing Windows 10 in our article is a previous activation for a real clean install, i.e. Windows on an empty disk, necessary, because to get no serial number for the free upgrade by Microsoft, that would be actually necessary for the installation.

For Windows 10 in a clean install without serial number is automatically activated, an upgrade from a previous Windows must be made once before. This stores a fingerprint of the PCs Microsoft on the license server and checks it for each new installation of Windows 10. Is the license server be okay, is enabled without a key after installing Windows 10.

Clean installation better choice
An upgrade installation is always the worse choice since this many traps and problems lurking. Who is so not necessarily dependent on a takeover of all data and programs, should take a complete reinstall.

For Microsoft the clean installation offers something hidden “light”, which may simply be pushed through the media creation tool.

Suitable for all situations
However, there are situations in which a ‘real’ clean installation would be but the better way. So, no change from 32 to 64-bit is possible with the previously described paths. Also deal with the real new installation windows 10 license problems out of the way, resulting from the setup of an active Windows, of which there are some according to forums.

The trick with the ticket
There’s a simple trick to get the ticket for the installation of Windows 10 on a bare system without prior activation via an upgrade. First you need the installation disk Windows 10 as an ISO file or download on a USB-stick – it can media creation tool (another PC).

From disk to copy the file gatherosstate.exe from the sources folder.

You will start this file somewhere else on the PC, or USB stick. After a moment, the tool created then – unless one is entitled – a GenuineTicket.xml.

This includes an ID for the license server to enable later, first in XML format.

It backs up this file on a USB stick and later installed Windows 10 clean without having to enter of a serial number.

After 10 then Windows is buy windows 10 product key freshly installed, to change the view in the Explorer, in the folder options to show hidden files and folders.

Then copy the file GenuineTicket.xml into the normally hidden folder


After a restart, Windows 10 should be enabled.

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Genuine product key for Windows 10

Since the release of Windows 10 operating system , millions of users have switched, but many people still use windows 10 Home Edition product key that offers basically almost everything you need from the operating system, except for advanced features such as remote desktop Group Policy Editor and many others, which can only be found on windows 10 Pro Edition.

How to use the windows 10 product key

For a new installation

Download your copy of windows 10, during the installation, select Windows 10 Pro as your preferred Edition kick before installation, you’ll encounter a blue screen (like the one above) requests that you must enter a windows 10 product key, all you need to do is enter the genuine windows 10 product key Pro below this post and your installation will go smoothly.

And if you missed that step in the initial phase of installation, after windows is installed, it will ask you again for the product at the last stage.

And after the installation process is complete, GOTO our activators Windows page Windows 10 Home Product Keys to download your preferred windows Activator 10 so you can finally have a genuine copy of windows 10.

To upgrade from Windows 10 Home Edition with genuine key to Pro

If you are upgrading from Windows 10 Home Edition, the process is very simple and the good part is that you won’t lose any document or application during the update process.

In the below step by step guide, We’ll show you how you can make the update hassle free;

Open Windows 10 Settings
Click on the update and security
Click Activate
Click on change product key
Enter the product key, and then click Start update.
The upgrade process can take some time to complete but it is definitely worth the wait because at the end of the day, you will become the owner of a genuine Windows For 10.

Genuine Windows 10 product key

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This key works for both 64 bit and 32 bit installation and upgrade.

Windows 10 retail product key and activation online

If you are wondering roughly how to evaluate the Windows 10 annual production time signature and gain started mutually the activation on a expedient raise or a offer for sale licence, dell windows 7 pro 64 bit product key, the consequently are the curriculum to hold you mutually that.

Product time signature and activation mutually Windows 10 expedient upgrade: Why crow with us

Windows 10 pro Lizenz KEY 32 / 64 bit

Windows 10 pro Lizenz KEY 32 / 64 bit

When you brake the bank your PC to Windows 10 from Windows 8 or 7, windows 10 pro product key, your licence will be proportional to the hardware upgrade, not to the Microsoft account.

I have a new laptop with Win7 32 on it but I really wanted 64 bit – I missed that detail. I’ve read elsewhere that the key for 32bit is the same for 64. windows 10 product key kaufen, So, can I download Win7 64 Pro (same version, just 64bit) and install it on the laptop using the Win7 32bit key on the OEM disc?

You might clear using entire third-party product time signature fetching software one as Product Key or, the Ultimate PID checker. These apps will disclose your broad key for Windows 10 Home and Pro editions respectively.

If you are disquieting for a angelic install of Windows 10, you cut back do that downloading the ISO file. Then fly it directed toward a USB urge or DVD electronic broadcasting then lobby the story for a angelic install. You might win a inspire asking for the product key. windows 10 pro product key 64 bit, Just dash those steps.

Your Windows follow will be activated automatically as you am a matter of to the internet. To examine the activation case head completely to Settings, get windows 10 product key, Update & warranty, Activation. Alternatively, go to Control Pane, System & Security, System.

In position you prospect to critical point the hardware, en masse you prefer to do is assemble up Microsoft back and call in to action them practically how to gat what is coming to one your imitate activated.

English 64-bit (x64) : HERE

English 32-bit (x86) : HERE