Genuine product key for Windows 10

Since the release of Windows 10 operating system , millions of users have switched, but many people still use windows 10 Home Edition product key that offers basically almost everything you need from the operating system, except for advanced features such as remote desktop Group Policy Editor and many others, which can only be found on windows 10 Pro Edition.

How to use the windows 10 product key

For a new installation

Download your copy of windows 10, during the installation, select Windows 10 Pro as your preferred Edition kick before installation, you’ll encounter a blue screen (like the one above) requests that you must enter a windows 10 product key, all you need to do is enter the genuine windows 10 product key Pro below this post and your installation will go smoothly.

And if you missed that step in the initial phase of installation, after windows is installed, it will ask you again for the product at the last stage.

And after the installation process is complete, GOTO our activators Windows page Windows 10 Home Product Keys to download your preferred windows Activator 10 so you can finally have a genuine copy of windows 10.

To upgrade from Windows 10 Home Edition with genuine key to Pro

If you are upgrading from Windows 10 Home Edition, the process is very simple and the good part is that you won’t lose any document or application during the update process.

In the below step by step guide, We’ll show you how you can make the update hassle free;

Open Windows 10 Settings
Click on the update and security
Click Activate
Click on change product key
Enter the product key, and then click Start update.
The upgrade process can take some time to complete but it is definitely worth the wait because at the end of the day, you will become the owner of a genuine Windows For 10.

Genuine Windows 10 product key

  • windows 10 pro product key 64 bit : SYH28-G46M5-46E3V-9SJLO-IL8YZ
  • windows 7 product key : ZF7YJ-AP6BG-TG1ER-DHA8H-RQQ2V
  • windows 10 activation key : 2NHG4-0TBVL-JY5UZ-ZKTZG-YAIY6
  • windows 10 pro activation key : BX6KE-DRX3P-YENDU-8X7AB-ZP6E4
  • windows 10 pro upgrade : A2E7A-R6BX5-2NK9J-69FEQ-9QMNK
  • windows 8.1 pro with media center product key : JJLLL-N17Q1-9W0G9-G3G24-H8WFG
  • buy windows activation key : MBAIY-KX8IV-MUTLJ-7WYQW-Q10NE
  • windows 10 product keys list : OLPHE-D5HWA-NTC7K-MHM65-YTNV7
  • windows 10 product key generator : U002T-KM3AS-LEVQA-PM46K-3D87I
  • windows 10 pro product key : YNG2N-K4PG7-W7TMK-N77A3-CZFK0

This key works for both 64 bit and 32 bit installation and upgrade.