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Real clean install of Windows 10 without a previous upgrade?

For days, there is a trick which you can use to install a Windows 10 without previous upgrade installation and windows 10 product key cheap without the variant called a clean installation “light” by us directly in the network. In some cases, this approach is even advisable or necessary. We introduce here the trick which requires little effort.

Addendum 12.11.2015: With the release of version 1511 Windows 10, this system can be too ‘clean’ installed and activated the license key of Windows 7 or Windows 8.x. More information see Windows 10 version windows 10 product key 1511 build 10586 – the expected autumn upgrade for Windows 10.

Starting position
As we already have made it clear clean installing Windows 10 in our article is a previous activation for a real clean install, i.e. Windows on an empty disk, necessary, because to get no serial number for the free upgrade by Microsoft, that would be actually necessary for the installation.

For Windows 10 in a clean install without serial number is automatically activated, an upgrade from a previous Windows must be made once before. This stores a fingerprint of the PCs Microsoft on the license server and checks it for each new installation of Windows 10. Is the license server be okay, is enabled without a key after installing Windows 10.

Clean installation better choice
An upgrade installation is always the worse choice since this many traps and problems lurking. Who is so not necessarily dependent on a takeover of all data and programs, should take a complete reinstall.

For Microsoft the clean installation offers something hidden “light”, which may simply be pushed through the media creation tool.

Suitable for all situations
However, there are situations in which a ‘real’ clean installation would be but the better way. So, no change from 32 to 64-bit is possible with the previously described paths. Also deal with the real new installation windows 10 license problems out of the way, resulting from the setup of an active Windows, of which there are some according to forums.

The trick with the ticket
There’s a simple trick to get the ticket for the installation of Windows 10 on a bare system without prior activation via an upgrade. First you need the installation disk Windows 10 as an ISO file or download on a USB-stick – it can media creation tool (another PC).

From disk to copy the file gatherosstate.exe from the sources folder.

You will start this file somewhere else on the PC, or USB stick. After a moment, the tool created then – unless one is entitled – a GenuineTicket.xml.

This includes an ID for the license server to enable later, first in XML format.

It backs up this file on a USB stick and later installed Windows 10 clean without having to enter of a serial number.

After 10 then Windows is buy windows 10 product key freshly installed, to change the view in the Explorer, in the folder options to show hidden files and folders.

Then copy the file GenuineTicket.xml into the normally hidden folder


After a restart, Windows 10 should be enabled.

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