Reinstall Windows 7, how to reinstall Windows 7

Why you may need to reinstall windows 7? Causes are usually all the same: the system is beaten by viruses; is too long, so works significantly slower than it should; just want to update your Windows system files, to resolve any problems in its work; the current system registry “littered with” permanent installations/deletions of different programs and the like.

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I think it will be better if we look at the differences between the primary installation buy windows 7 ultimate key cheap and reinstalling Windows. Actually differences-then very little. For example, if the primary Windows installation there is a need to create logical drives (ideally), and when you will reinstall Windows logical drives will have already been created. Also, when first installed, you don’t need to worry about losing any data while reinstall the system will erase all data on the logical drive c: \ In principle, that the installation that reinstalling Windows implies roughly the buy windows 7 key online cheap same thing, so I recommend to use the articles on this site (Install Windows 7, learning how to install Windows XP), if there are any misunderstandings or difficulties.

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So, what we need in order to successfully reinstall Windows at home. First and foremost is a disk with a Windows license for the version you want to install. Drives with device drivers of your computer, as well as peripheral devices (MFPS, printers, copiers), about 1:00 free time, maybe less, depending on the version of Windows 7 home.

Saving user data

The first action should be to save data from a disk with data usually there when downloading from the Internet, while maintaining all types of documents in a directory, the default programs selected, when you place any file on the desktop, as well as when recording “sohranâlok” games and other entertainment software. You probably want to know which folders you want to copy to another logical drive (D, E, F) or flash-card. Won’t pull-saved documents, some windows 7 product key downloaded files, bookmarks in Internet Explorer, the desktop files, images of emulators (working with Alcohol 52% work with UltraISO) are placed in the folder:
-for Windows XP, the path to the main folder with subfolders listed above looks like this: c: \Documents and Settings \ your account name \. Once you get into this folder go to all nested subfolders, find all the data you want and copy them somewhere with important may be the “Downloads” folder, “my documents”, “desktop”, “Saved Games”, “Favorites”. I recommend walking through all of the folders.

-for Windows 7, the path somewhat different, but the meaning is the same. c:\Users (user) username \. Attention is usually a folder: “Desktop”, “Documents”, “Downloads (downloads)”, “Favorites”-again, the better for all folders is easier than to mourn a remote file.

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Microsoft Windows 7 Professional SP1 Product Key + Download Link

Note the Program Files folder at the root of the c drive for any version of Windows, this folder is installed in the system hosting programs. Often applications like uTorrent create in the folder with the installed program folder for downloads (C:\Program Files\uTorrent\Downloads) sometimes they create them in the root of drive c. If you have this situation, check the Program Files folder for the presence of downloaded through a certain program files not to delete them when you reinstall.

You may install the games from disk, then their “sohranyalki” can be placed as well as in the case of uTorrent, in the folder with the installed game (Save folder or Saved).

Another little tip-do not try to copy the old programs from the Program Files folder-they will not work with the new system because of missing registry entries. Therefore it is better to remember cheap windows 7 product key or write down the names of all the installed programs to reinstall them later.

Also do not forget before you reinstall Windows to export all your bookmarks, otherwise they will be lost without a possibility to be recovered.

If you are sure that you have copied all the necessary data in the future to another disk or flash drive, you can begin the reinstallation of Windows.

Reinstall Windows from the BIOS

Insert the disk into the drive, go into the BIOS, set the boot from CD/DVD. Further do everything as if the primary installation of Windows, the only spot for the current Windows installation choose an existing drive with, rather than creating a new one. After selecting the drive offers its format-choose the option “NTFS”. Make no mistake with the disc (selecting D instead of c), otherwise delete all the data from another partition. Option just need NTFS unless you re-installed Windows within, let’s say a year or two, during which time intensively copied and deleted from your hard drive information. FAT32 options-General had long become obsolete, at least in home PCs. And if the leave the current file system intact (no changes)-get on with disk 2 copy of Windows, with 99% that one will not work at all, and the second will be “fail” worse than before reinstallation.

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After formatting will host the usual Windows installation procedure, which I described in the previous articles. To complete the reinstall Windows you get a clean, workable system to which you want to install all the necessary drivers and programs, import bookmarks, configure your Internet connection and install the anti-virus.
All ready for your comfortable operation on the computer. All done for 1:00 and their own hands.

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Windows 10 should you upgrade?

The upgrade to Windows 10 is free, if your computer has Windows 7 or 8. But is it really a good idea to upgrade to Microsoft’s new operating system now? We have looked at the pros and cons of Windows 10.

Upgrade to Windows 10 – when the error has been corrected

As a Windows user, you’ve got 1 year for free to upgrade, if you are using the latest version 7 or 8. The offer of free windows 10 product keys upgrade for Windows 10 ends on 29. July 2016.

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Microsoft Windows 10 Home Product Key + Download Link

There have been good reasons to wait, to miscellaneous small errors in the system have been corrected, according to new users have reported it to Microsoft. Windows 10 became available in July 2015, so Microsoft has had plenty of time to correct most errors and make adjustments.

Antivirus program in your current version of Windows may have problems to work optimally on Windows 10 in the beginning. So if you paid for 1 year license, so use your current operating system until your antivirus-license has expired.

Remember to backup before you upgrade to Windows 10. Save photos, documents and other important files on an external hard disk or a USB key, so you don’t risk losing anything.

Here are the new changes on Windows 10

Start button is back. The absence of button at the bottom left of the screen, was one of the things that made Windows 8 complex to use for many.

Tablet mode makes your computer easier to control, for example, if you have disconnected the keyboard from the screen.
A new browser replaces the maligned Explorer. The new browser will be named Edge and, inter alia: a read-mode, which removes the advertisements and other disruptive elements when you want to read the lyrics on the Web.

See if your computer meets the requirements for Windows 10

Software that works on Windows 7 and 8, according to Microsoft would also work on Windows 10. But remember, however, to check that e.g. your antivirus program still protects you optimally.

Hardware, such as an old, external web-camera, can have problems with the new operating system. It may be necessary to install what are known as ‘ drivers ‘, that is, software that ensures that your old hardware is working properly in the new operating system.

Therefore, you can upgrade windows 10 for free

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Criticism of Windows 8 has of course influenced the new version, which Microsoft says, contains the best of Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Microsoft has even mentioned Windows 10 as the final operating system. Instead of new versions, Microsoft will rely on continuous updates, so all Windows users always have the same operating system.

This also applies to other Windows products. buy windows 7 product key only, In other words, not only computers, but also phones and tablets.

Some computers automatically download Windows 10

5 reasons not to upgrade to Windows 10

Windows 7 and Windows 8 users have experienced that their computer has automatically downloaded Windows 10. This may be because the users have thanked Yes for automatic updates.

Microsoft has previously announced that users who have chosen to receive automatic updates through Windows Update, will get the files to their computer, so they are ready for Windows 10, if they decide to upgrade.

Have your computer first downloaded Windows 10, it is not right to delete again.

Although you may feel that Microsoft has abused your trust by downloading Windows 10 without you knowing it, you may need to get used to the idea of the new operating system.

Plan with Windows 10 is that Microsoft will continue to implement all updates automatically.